Treasure vault

The Treasure Room adds space for storing gold. It is free to construct and is one of the “basic 5” rooms, usually available at the beginning of any level. As the size of the room increases, the more gold it can hold on one pile, ranging from a small pile of gold, to a hoard of coins, gems, diamonds etc. when it is payday the creature collects its payday from the Treasure Room.


The House is where heroes go to heal after getting injured or just to rest after a hard day’s work. While sleeping, heroes slowly heal and, if agitated, calm down. On arriving in your village, heroes make a beeline for the closest house to claim their bed. If they cannot find one, their mood quickly worsens.


A Inn generate food which all heroes apart from dwarves eat to sustain themselves. When heroes are hungry, they enter the Inn and eat a meat or drink to fill themselves up and regain lost health. In fact, if you drop any hero in a Inn, it will eat and drink whether it is hungry or not. heroes eat a lot, so make sure that your Inn is large enough to sustain your heroes

Training room

The Training Room is where heroes will probably gain most of their experience before exploring the lands and underworld. Generally, the room is crucial to preparing a force that can handle the opposition on a map, and the ongoing cost of training heroes is the largest drain on your economy. This room is considered one of the “basic five,” along with Treasure Room, House, Inn, and Library and is usually available for construction by default, without needing to be researched. Experience levels gained in training or combat will increase a hero’ combat stats.


The existence of a Blacksmith gives your heroes the opportunity to upgrade their weapons and armor. Higher level heroes can buy even better equipment. Blacksmiths give more teeth to your heroes and the difference is observed when fighting tougher evil creatures.


The Library is your dungeon’s research centre, where new rooms and potions can be discovered. It is a furnished room, and can accommodate one researcher per bookcase or shelf/podium. A functioning Library attracts Wizzards. Other heroes will not read books as they see this beneath them; with the exception of the Fairy, Monk as they are also keen scholars.

Magic Bazzar

Heroes will visit the Magic Bazaar to purchase items that will aid them in their quests. The Magic Bazaar offers up to 6 different potions for heroes. to buy. Some of them will boost heroes’ offensive abilities, while others will aide heroes in escaping danger. But Potions must first be researched before they can be made available for sale.

Battle arena

The purpose of this building is to give your heroes a place to hone their skills and level up. They usually level much more quickly here than they can on their own hunting wandering enemies or training.


The Temple is a building dedicated to the gods where creatures can worship and make heroes happy. The Temple allows the recruitment of Monks and grants spells, generally with a healing focus.


The Casino is a useful building where your Heroes can drink ale until they collapse and waste their gold on roulette,cards and the chance to win a rare item not sold at the balcksmith. Doing so will fill restore their energy much faster than sleep, but beware as the gold lost by the heroes in the cassion wont flow to your treasure room.


It is within the walls of the Academy that the Mages performs there studies into the elements. The Rituals that are channeled here by mages are filled with great potency, bought from the Aether through forgoten knowless hidden inside the sacraments . With the power of these sacraments , the mages may wither the will of their enemies, burn evil away or drain them of life.

Hall of heroes

After a Hall of heroes is built, any heroes that are killed will be draged by a dwarf to its halls where it stores the bodies of fallen heroes and allows them to be resurrected (for a price) long after they died. If the enemy Rats steals the body before your dwarves can get to them, the heroes will become prisoners.