World map

Each scenario has a unique map. Even if the player chooses the same quest twice, it will have a map that, while retaining the general terrain of the region, is significantly different. The map is shrouded, but can be temporarily lifted if a hero or non-hero character in the area.

In certain quest scenarios, the player also has the ability to interact with other kingdoms. This mainly includes the human or elven kingdom’s, although in some cases, the player may choose to attack the foreign kingdom or may switch sides between kingdoms or dungeons.

Good campaign

lands of the kings

Baron Tristan,

The first prins to be fought but also the weakest of the prinses. Tristan likes to keep lightly armored armies in an attempt to overpower his enemies early on. His lowly attitude towards war matters is his undoing, as his inability to to recruit more expensive heroes leaves him a poor opponent leader. Tristan will always flee rather than fight personally on the battlefield if he can.

Tristan owns the followings lands:

Honey vale

Earl Darran,

A knight with a fiery temper but a greedy prins whose love of gold is his weakness. emphasizes harassment over strong armies. Due to his love for gold Darran fuels a robust economy, takes care of his defense and prefers the usage of cheap barbarians in warfare.

Darran owns the followings lands:

Sea Hearth
Snuggle flower burgh

Duke Jason,

This powerful prins commands a mighty army and lives in a well guarded fortress. Jason usually works alone, however he forges temporary alliances with Giants in order to further his progress. He holds various castles and lands throughout the kingdom

Jason  owns the followings lands:

Elf’s Dream
Misty End

Count Leto,

An old warrior who has become a bit paranoid. Leto is the embodiment of strategy and cold-hearted calculation. He is a real master of warfare, knowing how to construct huge castles and train massive armies to deter his enemies and will only attack from a position of power.

Leto owns the followings lands:

Trill Harbor

King Tiberius,

King Tiberius is careful and a rather passive man, who rather thinks through every single step than just act foolhardily.

Tiberius owns the followings lands:

Sleepy Wood
Rhyme High Castle

Evil campaign

Minor lord Setesh,

The first dark lord to be fought but also the weakest of the lords. He barely managed to maintain enough holdings to keep his title of lord. In desperation for territory, he once attempted to steal one of Mammon lands.

Setesh owns the followings lands:

Makra vale
Moon cry

Overlord Mammon,

Mammon was once a minor demon, formerly in the service of count Ishkur. Along with Dahak, he was responsible for Ishkur downfall. Both he and Dahak divided Ishkur lands between them, and these holdings were enough to gain them both admittance to the ranks of lord.

Mammon owns the followings lands:

Mirtha soul
Rotten Oak shire

Sovereign lord Dahak,

While a extremely powerful lord right now. The brother of the dark Lord Shak’ran, he originally commanded a minor army of demon and few lands, but he grew in strength to command the power of multiple undead warriors that had been killed during his reign, ultimately succeeding in becoming a lord.

Dahak owns the followings lands:

Evil tulip vale
Dragon smile
Skari wood

High lord Shak’ran,

Shak’ran is a powerful lord well known for his cruel and sadistic nature. He is an ancient Dark Lord who was came to this world five millennia ago and enslaved the dragons. He had an army of dragons and Trolls fighting for his favor. One of the lands under Shak’ran control was Skari wood, which was later conquered by Dahak.

Shak’ran owns the followings lands:

Ha’rar vale

Moonblood Wood
Death Leaf burgh

Emperor Sa’kar,

Sa’kar was the first to discover this world and is now the most powerful of the Dark Lords. Sa’kar also called the God of pure Evil or The evil One, is a powerful, ancient evil being. Despite the animosity the Dark Lords feel for each other, Sa’kar is recognized as the Supreme Dark Lord of this world

Sokar owns the followings lands:

Hakkan vale
Black stone ridge
Infernum Castle