Check out the new Saga realms alpha In Saga Realms you can build up a kingdom to attract Heroes to fight for your cause or build a dungeon and attract evil creatures to fight for your as slaves. Kickstarter Campaign coming in Q1 of 2021 Find us at: Instagram – Reading

Check out the new Serpent Demon model. Serpent Demons are basic units that are obtainable from the very first level. They are somewhat tougher than Wyverns, but are still very fragile. They are vastly inferior in early levels, but in the later levels, they can be very useful. If nothingContinue Reading

Check out the new Demon spawn The Demon Spawn is one of the best melee fighters in the beginning of the game. They are enthusiastic trainers, are cheap to train, and level up quickly. The only bad thing about them is that they will steal gold from your treasure vaultContinue Reading

Check out the new Samurai model. A master swordsman, the Samurai is swift and charges fearlessly into battle. The Samurai’s code of fighting, the Bushido, is strict and the sense of honour makes him take extra damage when fighting female creatures. Samurai serve their lord with the utmost loyalty, andContinue Reading

First look on the training chamber. The Training Room is where heroes will probably gain most of their experience before exploring the lands and underworld. Generally, the room is crucial to preparing a force that can handle the opposition on a map, and the ongoing cost of training heroes isContinue Reading

Scorpions are attracted to dungeons that have a large Evolution pool. They are good fighters, and are very durable due to their high health points and poison; in addition, they are costly to train and maintain, but they sting their opponents with a nasty toxin. Their hard exoskeletons and hugeContinue Reading

Check out the new Knight model Strong melee fighter with good defense. The Knight is a noble warrior with excellent sword skills and protected by a suit of heavy plate armour. at later levels. When converted by the enemy, he becomes a black knightContinue Reading

Check out the new Wyvern model made by Panchenko Andrey Saga Realms is presenting a look at the new Wyvern model made by Panchenko Andrey. Wyvern are your first creature, and your fastest. They are great scouts but weak fighters, barely stronger than rats.Continue Reading

The upcoming upcoming Slaughter house Saga Realms is presenting a look at the Slaughter house. A Slaughter house generates meat which all creatures apart from rats eat to sustain themselves. When creatures are hungry, they enter the Slaughter house and eat a meat or two to fill themselves up andContinue Reading

A look at the upcoming heroes to and some other neat stuff. Saga Realms is presenting a look at the upcoming heroes and creatures. Each saterday we will update our gallery with screens and renders of stunning new units, heroes and structures Yours,the Saga realms TeamContinue Reading