Creatures are the basis of your military might. Every monster that enters the Dungeon from the nether world has its own agenda, and the challenge for the Darklord to manage Creatures towards the most worthy cause of all: the destruction of your enemies.

Slave rat

your slave rats are the most valuable of the creatures, as they perform all the tunneling work in your Dungeon and also maintain it by dragging away dead bodies, dragging heroes and enemy creatures to the Prison and fitting traps.


Although not the hardiest of creatures, Spiders are the strongest bug that a Darklord can attract. In addition to their poisonous bite, they are able to naturally scale traps, spin webs, and move through rough underground caverns extremly fast.


Wyvern are your first creature, and your fastest. They are great scouts but weak fighters, barely stronger than rats.

Serpent Demon

Serpent Demons are basic units that are obtainable from the very first level. They are somewhat tougher than Wyverns, but are still very fragile. They are vastly inferior in later levels, but in the early levels, they can be very useful. If nothing else, Serpent Demons can fill in for better minions as frontline fighters.

When a Serpent Demon reaches level 6, he tranforms into a Basilisk

Demon spawn

The Demon Spawn is one of the best melee fighters in the beginning of the game. They are enthusiastic trainers, are cheap to train, and level up quickly. The only bad thing about them is that they will steal gold from youre treasure vault if you dont pay attention.


Powerful magical creatures who are excellent at research but who have been shunned by the other humans and now seek refuge in the depths of the Underworld. Sorcerors are tireless in their quest for knowledge and likely to ally with any Keeper who allows them access to his extensive Libraries.

Sorcerors and Wizzards are mortal enemies and will fight each other to the death in a blind frenzy.


Scorpions are attracted to dungeons that have a large Evolution pool. They are good fighters, and are very durable due to their high health points and poison; in addition, they are costly to train and maintain, but they sting their opponents with a nasty toxin. Their hard exoskeletons and huge gnashing pincers make them quite dangerous. Although they are able to manufacture and research, they do not excel at either.

When a Scorpion reaches level 6, he transforms into a Fire Scorpion

Demonic beast

The Demonic beast is the slowest creature you have, but is also the toughest creature you can attract. They need food, a lot, so make sure you got a lot of meat stored to avoid unhappiness. When a Demonic beast reaches level 6, he tranforms into a Demonic overlord


Hell Hounds are vicious creatures of teeth and fire, th they are the dogs of the infernal pit, hunters for greater heroes, and set loose upon wicked worlds to howl fear into the world for all eternity. They are resistant to fire. Their bite is white hot, and ignites flammable materials. Hell hounds are not affected by spells and fearlessly do their Master’s bidding, without question or conscience. Hell Hounds serve darklords or powerful wizards, and live wherever the Undead hold strong dominion.


A vampire is a creature that subsists by feeding on blood of the living. Vampires are some of the strongest melee attackers but die fast to monks.
They are very expensive to maintain, and collect some of the highest wages during Payday and cant use potions or upgrades.

vampire and Monks are mortal enemies and will fight each other to the death in a blind frenzy.


The Succubus is similar to the Nymph in that she preys primarily on male beings by means of seduction. However, far from the seemingly demure Nymph, the Succubus is twisted and cruel. Succubus are fast, powerful creatures that are attracted to dungeons with sufficiently large Torture Chambers.

Dark Shaman

Shaman wield magic with a mixture of chaos and control, which to most other races makes little sense. They derive their power from the dark gods against heroes that fears it greatly, bestowing upon them power, without trust or respect. Shaman are solitary, but when wartime comes, Shamans are more than happy to prove those fears well founded by putting their arcane prowess on display.


The Ghost is a spirit that comes to your dungeon if you have build a graveyard. Ghosts have some magic abilities, however they are very weak creatures with low health that are easily defeated. Their natural ability to fly can make them useful as scouts when passing over Lava, but they canĀ“t pass through locked doors even if the manual states this. Ghosts don’t take damage when fighting holy heroes. If a Ghost is killed it does not leave a corpse.


Once a great race, Trolls are solitary creatures in decline.They roam the dark recesses of the earth, ever more perturbed at the loss of their underground realm to the growing masses of other races .Trolls put great effort into being clever, though sadly they are still quite slow-witted,

Even so, Trolls are very strong in hand to hand combat.

When a Troll reaches level 6, Trolls gain a heavy suit of armor and a huge two-handed sword, they can take on any opponent in a melee and execute a number of maneuvers to defeat their foes. Even when severely outnumbered, Trolls can execute the round attack, swinging their great blade in a wide arc in an attempt to cut down many opponents in a single swing.

Shadow Drake

Fire dragons are elite units who appear as young, wingless dragons. They inflict fire damage, and are atraced to your dungeon by building a magic bazaar.

Death Reaper

The most powerful beast that rampage through the depths of the underworld, terrorizing the inhabitants by waving a great iron scythe . He runs screaming through twisting subterranean passageways, and always unquenchably angry. The mere sight of a Death Reaper inspires terror in causes fear in all but the most bravest Hero. it is unknown as to whether he is intelligent enough to speak, for no one has figured out how to get he to remain still long enough to attempt communication.

They can not be harmed by most forms of attack, and feed upon the living to gain strength in the physical realm. They leech living souls, drawing in their life energies to continue their murderous work upon the world A damaged Reaper regenerates quickly, giving it ungodly advantages and ability to enter and harvest the living as grain. The Death reaper is extremely agile for his size and move swiftly through underground passages.

He cannot be attracted to your Dungeon via the normal methods, and will only come to your aid if you scrifices to the dark gods.

A Death reaper and Astra angle are mortal enemies and will always fight each other to the death in a blind frenzy.