Traps and Doors are an important part of a dungeons defence, traps can be used to defend yourself as well as attack and fend off your enemies. Traps and doors are created in the Foundry


Doors are almost useless for trying to keep enemies out of a dungeon and the most effective way to keep friendly units from entering or leaving specific parts of the dungeon.

Wooden Door

Made of rotting wood, this door cannot sustain much damage before it is destroyed, even by weak creatures. It is not recommended to use them as defence unless one is desperate, as they would stop a mob of creatures only for a brief moment. Wooden Doors are however very useful for restricting the access of your own creatures, such as blocking off rooms or making sure your creatures follow a certain route.

Bronze Door

The Bronze Door is of average strength and lasts longer than the Wooden Door. Bronze doors are not too durable, but they are fast to produce and cost barely any gold to build. They have almost twice the health of a Wooden door.

Iron Door

The Iron door is considered the strongest door with the most hitpoints in the game. It has the highest natural defence and takes considerable time to destroy, but also requires considerable time and a large Foundry to create. The Iron door’s decent amount of protection from damage make it one of the most suitable defences for nearly every situation, and usually allows enough time for a Keeper to gather their forces before it is destroyed.

Magic Door

The Magic Door is the final door available to a dark lord and the most expensive to build. A Magic Door is disguised to resemble a normal wall, thus blending seamlessly with its surroundings. To your enemies, the Secret Door appears as another stretch of wall, while your creatures can see and use it for what it really is. This property makes Secret Doors very useful for hiding important rooms and areas from your opponent. But be aware that magic doors claim a large portion of your mana pool.


Heroes entering the underworld for the first time should be cautious. One should not expect that entering such a place is safe. The way it could easily be trapped. Often such dark and dangerous places have multiple entrances. Those who dwell inside of the dungeon may well trap the more obvious places of entry and then use less obvious entry points for their own travel.

Toxic gas Trap

The Poison Gas Trap emits a cloud of toxic gas which drains the health of anything near it. The trap consumes 5 mana per shot, if the mana runs out the trap disappears. Remember that the poisoned gas can hurt your own creatures.

Lightning Trap

The Lightning Trap lets loose a bolt of lightning when tripped. The trap consumes 10 mana per shot, if the mana runs out the trap disappears. Shots from the Lightning Trap do not harm your own creatures.

Lightning traps do decent damage to creatures, but less than the Poison Gas Trap.Even so multiple traps can quickly weaken or even kill even the strongest of enemies and are very useful for keeping enemy heroes at bay.

Freeze Trap

The Freeze Trap deals no damage, but on contact with enemies, it freezes them and slows them down for a short while, The trap consumes 20 mana per freeze, if the mana runs out the trap disappears.

Fireball Trap

The Fireball trap fires Fireballs at passing enemy heroes and creatures. once triggered, the trap will hurl a large, spherical plume of flame towards a unluck enemy, where it bursts with explosive force. For every fireball shot, it consumes 25 mana, if the mana runs out the trap disappears,

Alarm Trap

When a hero or enemy creature sets off the trap it immediately alerts you to the presence of hostile creatures by sounding a claxon. The Alarm Trap doesnt comsume mana but has a build limit of max 5

Spike Trap

The Spike Trap is a trap that pushes out sharp spikes which stab any enemy hero or creatures that walk over it. Like many other traps, it is invisible to the enemy until activated. The trap consumes 5 mana per spike, if the mana runs out the trap disappears.

Spiked boulder trap

The spiked boulder trap is potentially the most destructive trap available and the most expensive to build. The trap requires 500 mana to build and maintain. 

Any Hero who placed his feet on a hidden pressure plate at the center of the tile triggers the trap, crushing and killing anything under the boulder. Boulders cause damage to your creatures as well as the enemies, so beware. After the trap has sprong the trap will disintegrate.