Saga Realms is a RTS management game that allows you to be a dark lord with its own dungeon or a righteous king that rules over its kingdom. Influenced by games like Dungeon Keeper, Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom and The Battle for Middle-earth.

Would you rather be a dark lord or a king? 

Get a first impression of the basic game mechanics and gameplay (alpha build). The following clips are recordings from the perspective of the demons and humans respectively.


The gameplay is centered around the concept of a RTS management game with, when not directed, autonomous units. Several interesting gameplay features include:

  • Day and night cycle, for the surface world, that will have a direct impact during the game.
  • Fight your way through one of the epic campaigns to rid your lands of evil or instead make sure that the forces of evil will prevail.
  • Control your economics on a macro scale to ensure that the need of all your creatures are met.
  • Units that, when not directly instructed by you, will make decisions and perform tasks on their own.
  • A dynamic map that changes in real time, forcing you to be flexible with your strategies.
  • Your opponents are not the only thing that can bring harm upon you.
  • Secondary objectives that, when completed successfully, can provide you with a slight edge over your opponent to turn the tide of battle.
  • Obtain resources by mining valuable resources, e.g. gold, silver, gems or diamonds, to expand your base.
  • Gain control of capture points, ensuring a steady stream of resources.
  • Neutral settlements and units roaming around for you to interact with.
  • Multiplayer, CO-OP.

Gameplay summarized

The core gameplay features can be grouped in:

  • Shaping the map (including your dungeon/kingdom)
  • Units
  • Unit upgrades
  • Potions
  • Spells
  • Nature
  • Day/Night cycle