Heroes are the basis of your military might. Every Hero that enters your service has its own agenda, needs and desires. The challenge for the player will be to manage your heroes towards the most worthy cause of all: the removeall of Evil from Eden.


Dwarves are weak fighters, but are the only creatures besides Rats able to dig, gahter gold and retrive fallen heroes. Dwarves are the ones whom make it possible to invade the underworld via digging the earth away and can make holes in dungeon walls, making it easier for heroes to enter the enemy dungeon, They are weak fighters, and pose no challenge for creatures in a 1-on-1 fight, though a group of them can be troublesome for lower level creatures.


Average fighter, quite fast. However, they are just too flimsy for pitched combat and are barely able to overcomespiders in a one-on-one battle. Thieves usually make their way directly to nests for weaker creatures to kill and rob. to gather supplies before heading in to the underworld looking for the dungeon treasure vault. Thiefs are the only units to disable traps. Thiefs are also greedy and might steal gold from you if you dont watch out.

When converted by the enemy, he becomes a assassin


Archers are the basic ranged unit of the Heroes, while awful in close combat, they excellent at long range. all of which serve to hamper enemy movement while enhancing their own ability to inflict damage from afar. Archers are very flimsy and are defeated quickly but love to explore the map and dungeons on their own.

When converted by the enemy, he becomes a Blackguard Archer


Strong melee fighter with good defense. The Knight is a noble warrior with excellent sword skills and protected by a suit of heavy plate armour at later levels. Knights love to visit the casino, but will grow angry fast and attack other heroes if they keep losing gold.
When converted by the enemy, he becomes a black knight


Their spells are just as good as the Sorceror, but they are slightly faster. Wizards are 1/3 times stronger in health than Sorcerors, and have stronger types of fire balls at higher levels, but they cannot heal. Wizards are however lazy and will venture far from the library unless told directly by the player.

Wizards cannot be converted by the enemy

Demon hunter

Demon hunters are extremely versatile units which can be deployed as scouts, long range support or light infantrymen. In battle, the combination of exceptional archery skills and the ability to ably defend themselves in melee combat makes these fighters quite potent. They do extra damage vs demonic creatures.

When converted by the enemy, she becomes a Dark elf


Fairies are fast, flying spellcasters with no armour. This hero’s arsenal of spells is about the strongest of all creatures, and makes her dangerous to other magic-users as well as any melee fighter that cannot overtake her, but if she’s cornered she will die very quickly. Fairies and barbarian hate each other and and will fight to the death in a blind frenzy.

When converted by the enemy, she becomes a Dark fairy


The Barbarian does not rely on any sort of formal training to defeat his adversaries so much as he does on sheer rage and strength. Barbarian disdain armor, as it only inhibits their mobility when plowing through the ranks of their enemies. after level 6 they become a little bit smarter and gain some armor.
They thrive on combat, and even on being outnumbered (which, to them, means more fighting). Heroes do not look upon Barbarian as war-crazed idioots, rather they are honored as the bravest warriors among other Heroes. Barbarians are weak to magic but are seldom impeded by the weakening effects of poisons. Barbarians and Fairies hate each other and and will fight to the death in a blind frenzy.

When converted by the enemy, he becomes a Berserker


Monks are key figures in human society. They serve a single diety from a diverse pantheon of spirits and gods who grant them special powers, in return for their faith and devotion.
The monk is a good fighter who can heal himself and heroes around him when they take hits in battle Good all rounder – can fight and cast spells well. They also do extra damage against Vampires. while they explore the map on their own for gold they will search and collet healing herbs.

When converted by the enemy, he becomes a Shadow


The sole purpose of the Templar is to seek out those evil beings who have gravely wronged another. Heavly armed with a two handed sword and armored with plate, the Templar is particularly well trained for battle in any condition, He can see through any deception and easily spot concealed or invisible creatures. In combat, the Templar hurls bolts of holy power and fights impressively in melee combat. Being entirely immune to the effects of fear, he hunts and destroys anything that allies itself with evil.

When converted by the enemy, he becomes a corrupted Executioner


Nymphs are timid, good-natured magical creatures who bear the appearance of the ideal female. They are at home in the woods and frequently ally themselves with other heroes to bring life into the underworld While not at all warlike by nature, Nymphs will fight bravely but are very weak against vampires. Magical in nature themselves, Nymphs have a naturally high resistance to magic.

Nymphs cannot be converted by the enemy.

Good Witch

Good Witches are bound to nature in the world of Eden, from whence their power comes. They are keenly aware of the delicate balance of life and are dedicated to seeing it flourish wherever they may be. They are able to project their life energies in the form of a weapon.

When converted by the enemy, she becomes a Doom Priestess


Giants are thought to have walked upon Eden before any of the other ancient races. Some human myths even suggest Giants created humanity. Giants stand several times taller than the average human and even tower over dwarves. In combat, Giants wield huge tree-trunk clubs which deal devastation to everything they strike. but are slow of feet. The also eat a lot of food and demand very high wages.

When converted by the enemy, he becomes a Bone cruncher


A master swordsman, the Samurai is swift in battle and charges fearlessly into battle.  The Samurai‚Äôs code of fighting, the Bushido, is strict and the sense of honour makes him take extra damage when fighting female creatures. Samurai serve their lord with the utmost loyalty, and maintain an unwavering commitment to the principles of chivalry. They are popular with the people, and are feared by their enemies. The Samurai has a big ego and sometimes will refuse following your commands during battle.

When converted by the enemy, he becomes a Ninja

Fire Mage

Through not particularly strong in combat, Fire mages are able to inflict considerable damage with the intense heat of flames, but their true power comes from its ability to rapidly spread fire over a wide area, creating a hazardous environment for demonic creatures. They are immune to poison and lightning, but easy to harm physically.

When converted by the enemy, he becomes a Wraith

Asura Angle

Astra angles are incredibly powerful, with a wide selection of skills and nearly impossible to defeat, she makes a truly worthy enemy for the forces of Evil. These divine beings fly with large feathered wings and fight with flaming swords, burning away evil wherever they strike. Astras angles  usally avoid contact with other races, having spent aeons alone, they don’t mind the solitude. Astras only appear if a king is wise enough to build a large Hall of Warriors. Astra angle and a Death reaper are mortal enemies and will fight each other to the death in a blind frenzy.

Astra angles cannot be converted by the enemy.