Treasure vault

Sagarealms Treasure-vault

The Treasure Room adds space for storing gold. It is free to construct and is one of the “basic 5” rooms, usually available at the beginning of any level. As the size of the room increases, the more gold it can hold on one tile, ranging from a small pile of gold, to a hoard of coins, gems, diamonds etc. when it is payday the creature collects its payday from the Treasure Room.


Sagarealms Lair

The Lair is where creatures go to heal after getting injured or just to rest after a hard day’s work. While sleeping, creatures slowly heal and, if agitated, calm down. On arriving in a dungeon, creatures make a beeline for the closest Lair to establish their home. If they cannot find one, their mood quickly worsens.

Slaughter house

Sagarealms Slaughter-house

A Slaughter house generate meat which all creatures apart from rats eat to sustain themselves. When creatures are hungry, they enter the Slaughter house and eat a meat or two to fill themselves up and regain lost health. In fact, if you drop any creature in a Slaughter house , it will eat a meat whether it is hungry or not. Creatures eat a lot, so make sure that your Slaughter house is large enough to sustain your creatures

Training room

Sagarealms Training-room

The Training Room is where creatures will probably gain most of their experience. Generally, the room is crucial to preparing a force that can handle the opposition on a map, and the ongoing cost of training creatures is the largest drain on your economy. This room is considered one of the “basic five,” along with Treasure Room , Lair , Slaughter house, and Library and is usually available for construction by default, without needing to be researched. Experience levels gained in training or combat will increase creatures’ size, raw combat stats

Library of evil

Sagarealms library of evil

The Library is your dungeon’s research centre, where new rooms and potions can be discovered. It is a furnished room, and can accommodate one researcher per bookcase or shelf/podium. A functioning Library attracts Sorcerors . Other evil creatures will fail at research as they will probly eat the books.

Evolution pool

Sagarealms Evolution-pool

Here the creatures can evolve new upgrades to make them stronger. The upgrades help your creatures a lot, and you need this building to get scrifice stuff, so get this building.

Black Market

Sagarealms Evil Magic Bazaar

Creatures can buy healing potions and other useful items here. potions gives Creatures a small temporary stat boost.


Sagarealms  Foundry

The Workshop is where your minions produce traps and doors to protect your dungeon.

Sacrifice pit

Sagarealms sacrifice-pit

The sacrifice pit is a room dedicated to the dark gods where creatures and heroes can be sacrificed to gain rewards. All sacrifices generate mana but sacrificing certain combinations of units will create either a new unit (both creatures and heroes), with a level average to the sacrificed units or an item. A sacrifice pit becomes useful at higher levels when more powerful portal creatures are available; the weak ones can be sacrificed, and will generate more mana depending on the creature type and level. Resultant creatures from combinations also scale with the material creatures used.
beware that some scarifeces can invole the wrath of the gods.


Sagarealms prison

After defeating a enemy hero or heroes, it is possible to store them to the Prison. They can be left to rot in the Prison or put in the Torture Chamber. If the player wishes to leave them to rot, eventually they will die

Torture chamber

Sagarealms torture-chamber

This room is used to convert Heroes, rebel creatures and enemy creatures to your side. This room attracts the fearsome lady of pain, who regularly uses this room.


Once built, your rat slaves will start to drag dead bodies into the Graveyard. Once enough corpses have decomposed in the Graveyard, a Vampire might spawn, Although they are fairly expensive, Graveyards are often worth the cost: in addition to raising the powerful and versatile Vampires, Graveyards help clear the dungeon of corpses, which can cause disease amoung your creatures.