Create Dwarven worker

Create a worker to tunnle or work

Horns of battle

Allied troops in target area gain +25% attack for one min.

Healing touch

Heals an injured hero.


Reveals a large area, dispelling the fog of war and the black map for the player and their allies for 20 seconds

Lightning Strike

When cast, it will deal a amount of damage on any enemy unit health.


Prevents combat and training from occurring for the duration of a minute.

Gold Rush

Allows gold to gathered twice as fast for a short period of time


Undermine is powerful enough to destroy a wall instantly. allowing quick access to a enemy dugeon.

Divine intervention

causes 5 friendly units and buildings in a large area to recover hit points over five seconds.

Hand of midas

Creates a small pile of gold

Holy Blessing

Allied troops in target area gain +50% attack for one minute.

Stone skin

Increases the hack and pierce armor of all friendly human units in a small area for a minute

Double harvest

Structure’s resource output is temporarily raised to 10%

Cave in

The ceiling caves in causing heavy damage to anyone standing underneath it, including your own heroes or creatures but it can block enemy creatures pursuing your heroes.

Lightning Storm

creates a storm in the target area that deals significant amounts of damage to enemy units. 


Generates a shock wave which deals minor damage and stunes enemy units in a relatively small radius. Scattered units are stunned for several seconds as well.