Create a slave worker

Create a worker to tunnle or work


 Increases the attack of the creature by 250% for 30 sec

Healing touch

Heals an injured creature.


Reveals a large area, dispelling the fog of war and the black map for the player and their allies for 20 seconds


Throws a powerful ball of fire at the target unit

Dark Terror

Frightens enemy units on the battlefield, gripping them with a paralyzing fear. Enemy units in target area lose -25% attack.

Fires of Industry

Outpost resources output is temporarily raised to 15%.


Temporarily reduces enemy units armor and attack in target area.


Halves the target’s mobility for the duration of 1 min.


Slaves make any Outpost resources output temporarily raised to 25%.

Arrow rain

When cast, it sends down a barrage of arrows to damage enemy units.

Snow storm

Freezes enemy units in place for a minute, but making them invulnerable to attacks while frozen.

Work or burn to death

You units will work twice as fast for 1 min


Causes buildings in the target area to stop working for twenty seconds.


When cast, it deals massive amounts of damage across a wide area to buildings.

Fire Inferno

Unleashes a firestrom that burns down buildings and units.